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Your Path to VCE Excellence

Discover your own personalised VCE journey in our 2024 Signature Programs, guided by experienced educator and Principal Harley. Enrol now to secure your place and benefit from our exclusive Raw 40+ Study Score Guarantee.

Top Achievers Programs

Our programs are crafted by Top Achievers statewide, offering the latest and first-hand VCE insights.

Diverse School Tutoring

Harley has personally guided over 500 students from various schools, personally guiding their VCE journey and academic growth at VCE Excel Education.

VCE English Language Study Design

Unlock your Raw 40/45/50 Study Score Potential with our State Number 1 VCE English Language Program. Having never lost a single mark in Analytical Commentary & Essay, Harley unveils the secrets of VCE English Language through meticulously crafted lesson notes, thorough sample essays, and profound analytical skills engineered to transform your writing.

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VCE Chemistry Study Design

Transform your VCE Chemistry experience with our Principal Tutor Harley, who taught himself VCE Chemistry Units 3/4 back in his Year 8. Equip yourself with cutting-edge resources tailored to the latest VCAA Study Design. Harley will enlighten you with his insights into VCE Chemistry, sharing tips, tricks and techniques in every class.

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Explore Enhanced Learning Opportunities

Discover the benefits of tutoring services designed to meet your study score goals. Our adaptable approach ensures a customised learning experience that fits seamlessly with your individual needs.

Latest blog posts

Learn the latest tips, strategies and approach to VCE English Language & Chemistry from our Founder and Principal Harley himself.

A Complete Guide to VCE Chemistry Exam 2024

Violet, a second-year medical student at Monash University, shares expert tips and strategies for mastering the VCE chemistry exam. Graduating with a top chemistry score, Violet provides valuable insights for exam success.
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Is VCE English Language hard?

(10 mins) Is VCE English Language hard? Is VCE English Language the right subject for you? Have a read at Nicole's journey through VCE English Language, as she shares her insights into the challenges she faced, as well as many ways to overcome these challenges, ultimately taking home a Raw 45 study score.
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What is VCE English Language Exam ?

(10 mins) What is the VCE English Language Exam? Learn all about the VCE English Language Exam - tips, tricks and much more - from our past student and high scorer (Raw 50 + Premier's Award) in VCE English Language, Tom Gallacher.
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VCE Excel Education is now on YouTube!

(1 min read) Subscribe now to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/@ExcelEducationVCE
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2023 VCE Results Report – Letter to Students & Parents of 2024

(5 mins read) Read my Letter to Students & Parents of the 2024 Excel Education cohort on exam release day in 2023.
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