Our Team

Harley Zhong

Raw 50 & Premier's Award - VCE English Language & VCE Chemistry  

University of Melbourne BBMED/MD

Harley is the Founder and Principal Tutor of VCE English Language and VCE Chemistry at VCE Excel Education.

He has been teaching for over 6 years, personally guiding over 650 students achieving their dream study scores.

Outside of teaching, Harley is a 3rd medical student at the University of Melbourne.

Sarah Bi

Raw 47 - VCE English Language

Monash University BLAW/BCOM

Sarah graduated from Mac.Rob in 2023, and is currently studying double degree in Law and Commerce.

Aspiring to become a corporate lawyer, Sarah is passionate about language and communication.

Her dedication to academic achievement, coupled with a friendly, down-to-earth demeanour, makes her an invaluable member of our VCE English Language tutoring team, guiding students towards success both in the classroom and beyond.

Ryan Yuan

Raw 50 - VCE Chemistry

Monash University MBBS/MD

Ryan is currently studying medicine at Monash University and boasts over 3 years of tutoring experience.

His teaching philosophy revolves around demystifying abstract VCE Chemistry concepts with simple language, while adeptly guiding students through the intricacies of challenging SAC & Exam questions.

Being a top scorer, Ryan synergises with Harley in devising the State No.1 VCE Chemistry Tutoring program, aimed to propel hundreds of students above Raw 40 study score, with many gaining admission into prestigious medical degrees at Monash and Melbourne university.

Sharissa Pak

Raw 50 - VCE English Language

University of Melbourne BCOM

Sharissa graduated from Mac.Rob with a perfect score in VCE English Language.

Drawing on her extensive tutoring experience, Sharissa meticulously tailors her lessons and feedback to align with the specific marking styles of VCE English Language teachers and examiners.

Sharissa is deeply committed to fostering not only academic success but also nurturing a profound sense of confidence in her students that transcends their scholarly achievements. Serving as both a tutor and a friend, Sharissa pledges unwavering support for each of her students.

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