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Led by our Founder and Principal Harley Zhong, VCE Excel Education is committed to nurturing students' academic growth. With Harley's impressive achievement of a 99.95 ATAR (217.37 aggregate) and the esteemed VCE Premier's All-Round Award & Premier’s Award in English Language, Excel Education offers a supportive environment where students can thrive.

At Excel Education, we offer tailored tutoring programs designed to empower students at every stage of their learning. Whether you're aiming to excel in VCE English Language or conquer VCE Chemistry, Harley personally oversees your progress, sharing his invaluable insights and expertise to help you reach your full potential.

Don't just take our word for it – hear from our satisfied students themselves! Their glowing testimonials speak volumes about the transformative impact of our programs.

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Raw 50 EL, Premier’s Award, 99.95 ATAR
VCE English Language Study Design

"In the simplest terms, Harley's tutoring can be described as effective, comprehensive and high-quality. His Vce English language study design, being detailed and elaborate, were my go-to material during SAC and exam preparation, and his essays, being sophisticated and nuanced, provided me with an excellent benchmark of what to aim for and how to improve. He offers incredible lessons and provides support to those who need it, whether that be during class, or 1 on 1. I unequivocally believe Harley to be a knowledgeable and proficient English Language tutor."


Raw 48 EL
VCE English Language Study Design

"Harley has been an invaluable part of my Vce English Language study design journey. His resources and notes are unmatchable and he teaches with so much passion that as a mainly science and maths based person, I'm really surprised to say that Eng lang probably ended up being my favourite subject this year. Harley's teaching of the content was crazily in depth and allowed me to feel super confident in class as I was able to learn everything I needed before even touching on it at school. When studying, I would refer to Harley's notes and teachings rather than any school resources because of its higher standard and quality. Harley catered his teaching to each student's upcoming SACs and schedule, and it was because of this that I was able to be prepared for every SAC and average around 93% throughout the year. Overall, Harley's tutoring was a huge help and contributed immensely to my study score."


Raw 47 EL
VCE English Language Study Design

"Harley's in-depth classes and detailed explanations are critical in helping me achieve what I did in Vce English Language exam. His notes and lesson cover the course content in a engaging and comprehensive way that cannot be matched by what you can learn at school. With his extensive experience and unique passion for the subject, Harley's teaching really support students to excel in this subject and gain a real competitive edge compared to other students. Choose Harley's classes if you wish to walk into every SAC and exam feeling prepared and confident with a vast repertoire of knowledge that wil set you up for any challenging questions."

Qi Qing Zhu

ATAR 99.90
VCE English Language Study Design

Attending Harley’s English Language tutoring has been one of the best decisions I have made throughout my VCE journey. His notes, resources and sample works are of stupendous quality and they formed the very crux of my learning and revision – especially since Harley always makes sure that his teaching aligns with VCAA. I think what sets Harley’s teaching apart from others is that he analyses texts in such a multi-dimensional, sophisticated and comprehensive manner, that it will leave any student in awe. Throughout the year, he will teach you how to emulate that level of analysis in both SACs and the final exam – whilst also ensuring that you have the vocabulary and linguistic tools that help to add that extra flair. Harley’s tutoring is very flexible. Whether it be catering to student’s SACs and assessments, or providing the opportunity to attend class online or in-person, he is able to meet the demands of students. Alas, Harley’s tutoring contributed immensely towards my 45 Study Score and as such ensured that I was able to secure the Melbourne Chancellors Scholarship

Ryan Yuan

Raw 50
VCE Chemistry Study Design

"I have to say Harley's help throughout the year has been tremendous. Not only as a Chemistry Tutor Harley knows everything in the course so well, but also as a great friend who is supportive and encouraging along my VCE Journey. I can say with absolute confidence that Harley possesses a greater depth of Chemistry knowledge than most of the Chemistry teachers at school. Especially on difficult topics like NMR, organic pathways, and eletrochemistry. Harley explains better than my school teacher in a clear and logical way that is made better by his overflowing passion for the subject. And most importantly, he knows exactly what VCAA wants to see from students' answers on the exam, which is ultimately what every student should be focussing on in year 12. Harley is incredibly responsible as well, often responding to my questions in great detail even at midnight. This is the guy you need to excel in VCE Chem! 10/10 would smash again."

Ye Liu

Raw 48
VCE English Language Study Design

Without a doubt Harley has been the biggest help to me in English Language this year. With his endless amount of resources such as lesson notes, sample ACs and essays, it really helped me in the two most important and difficult areas of the exam, which were the analytical commentary and essay. Through his lessons, he gives us exposure to a broad range of topics and ideas to help us feel more familiar with exams and SACs, and also provides personalised feedback that aligns perfectly with those of VCAA markers, giving us the preparation we need to tackle the challenging and often unpredictable subject that is English Language. Throughout the year I always felt more prepared and more confident in my abilities as he covers topics faster and in greater depth than even at school, giving me more time to work on areas that I was weaker in. I believe that Harley is an exceptional tutor and his classes are a sure fire way to getting a great score in EL.

Mark Liu

Raw 50+
VCE English Language Study Design

"Overall, Harley's classes have been essential for my success in English Language. His clear teaching style, comprehensive resources and systematic approach to the subject made improvement almost methodical. In addition, I felt that his clear understanding of what VCAA wants and sheer quality of feedback on essays/ACs were particularly effective leading up to SACs and the final exam. Whilst I don't believe there's a perfect formula to getting a 50, I think Harley has the closest thing to it"

Sarah bi

Raw 47
VCE English Language Study Design

"Harley's mastery of English Language is truly unparalleled, possessing a detailed and meticulous understanding of linguistics far beyond the VCE level. His lessons and notes are extremely in depth and helped me go from a very rudimentary understanding of metalanguage at the start of the year to a more sophisticated knowledge of sociolinguistic concepts. As someone who has always done fairly well in English based subjects, my writing skills have improved exponentially under his tutelage, showing that he is capable of helping anyone improve drastically regardless of previous English ability. He offers a wealth of resources, such as media examples, sample ACs, company exams etc, and provides detailed and insightful feedback outside of class, allowing students to improve their ACs and essays from day one. I would definitely recommend Harley's tutoring to any students looking to maximise their Englang study score!"

Sharissa pak

Raw 50+
VCE English Language Study Design

"Harz has not only been an engaging tutor but a real bestie . He has given me the support and confidence I needed (as well as cut-throat fb) throughout the year to obtain consistently top SAC marks and a raw 50. Harley’s down-to-Earth style of teaching allowed him to successfully pass on his in-depth knowledge of the subject to me. From marking my work at 2am to showing he cares for his students by walking them to the train station at night — Harley has really truly championed for me this year."


Raw 48
VCE English Language Study Design

"Thanks in large part to Harley’s assistance, I was the recipient of the English Language Prize at MHS in 2019 with a 96.5% SAC average (and achieved a raw 48 in the subject). I truly cannot thank him enough for his organised and comprehensive classes and notes that gave me an extremely solid grasp in all areas of the subject. Calling Harley’s skill in this subject impressive would be an understatement. When you understand and apply the structure, examples and the language used in Harley’s analytical commentaries and essays, your writing will improve drastically, as did mine. Harley ensured that I was well prepared for each SAC and that my skills were very developed well before the end of the year, making it easier to keep on top of the subject. I can guarantee you that if you follow Harley’s advice closely, and dedicate time into this subject, you will undoubtedly achieve a high score (even if you didn’t perform well in Year 11 English Language)."


Raw 47
VCE Chemistry Study Design

"Harley has helped me constantly throughout the year. His notes are always organised and at top notch quality. His questions are always challenging to help you reach the more difficult content that most students would falter at and he always turn these into an opportunity for learning. Harley is always there to answer any question I have in Chemistry. Within the year I have spent with him, he’s made learning Chemistry genuinely enjoyable yet always ensuring that his students get the best tutoring available. With his help, I achieved a study score much higher than what I would’ve anticipated at the start of the year. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking to score high or is even struggling to attend tutoring sessions."


Raw 48
VCE English Language Study Design

"It is without a quiver of hesitation that I recommend Harley as an English Language tutor. Methodical, diligent, and meticulous in his teaching and marking, he brings confidence to every student he teaches. His unbridled effervescence and enthusiasm, coupled with intelligence and perspicacity, provide the perfect balance of sophistication and passion in lessons"


Raw 48
VCE Chemistry Study Design

"Prior to Year 12, Chemistry was one of my weakest subjects. I was barely able to scrape a 60% and I honestly hated the subject. Once I met Harley this all changed as his dedication to his students and Chemistry inspired me to adopt a love for the subject. His detailed yet, efficient lesson notes taught me how to answer exam-style questions with ease, allowing me to accomplish a raw 48."


Raw 47
VCE English Language Study Design

"Harley is one of the best english language tutors out there. The only reason I was able to survive English Language was the constant support i received from Harley every week, in the form of detailed feedback and the wealth of knowledge he gave me. Harley is one of the most hard-working individuals, evidenced by the in-depth course that he taught, tailored to his students’ needs. This man is able to give his students tips and tricks to deal with every sac and the final exam, and every lesson is invaluable. Without a doubt, I would recommend him to all future VCE English Language students"


"Harley is an incredibly efficient and knowledgeable tutor. He provides all the support you’d need to succeed at VCE and offers plentiful resources and extra practice to advance your proficiency in a subject. Undertaking tutoring with Harley makes a challenging year easier to manage."

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our services and programs.
How does the Raw 40+ study score guarantee work?
There are 5 Graded Module Assessments to be done throughout the year. To be eligible for the Raw 40+ Study Score Guarantee, you must score an average score of 80% or higher across 5 Graded Module Assessments. In the case that the student fails to achieve above Raw 40, yet meets the conditions of our Study Score Guarantee, the student is eligible for a full refund of the tuition fees. VCE Excel Education reserves the right to final interpretation of the terms and conditions hereinabove.
What happens if I miss a lesson?
If you are unable to attend, it is expected of you to inform me at least 1 week prior. This is so that I could arrange for catch up lesson. You may be allocated to a different class during the week, or alternatively, access the recording for the missed lesson available on Google Drive. Please ensuer you are follow our study design plan.
Should I attend Zoom lessons or Face to Face lessons?
Having several years of experience with online tutoring, I have been able to ensure that both Zoom and Face to Face lessons are equally engaging and interactive. My Signature Program for both Vce English Language and Chemistry has harnessed the power of technology to facilitate a more dynamic, effective and convenient mode of teaching. My resources are shared on Google Drive, including recorded lessons for students to access throughout the year for revision purposes.
Do you only focus on the ‘smart’ students? What if my foundations are weak and need a bit more guidance?
No. Unlike other tutors, I do not dichotomise my students as ‘smart’ or otherwise. A ‘smart’ student will not achieve anything should they invest no effort into practice, reflection, consolidation etc, thus become fooled by their intellect and blinded by their overconfidence. I prefer to work with students who are hardworking and willing to achieve the study score goals they tell me at the start of the tuition program. If you have spent the time, focus and effort into your essays and ACs, then I will reciprocate the very same time, focus and effort in my feedback, if not, greater. I understand that every student comes from different backgrounds with different levels of understanding, experiences and command of the subject. This is why I give a level and depth of feedback tailored to the very student and their study score goal. On top of individualised feedback, students can book FREE 1 on 1 consultations with me personally, on a weekly basis, to discuss their queries and/or submissions. As far as I’m aware, this is a format of feedback that no other tutors in the state offer, for Vce English Language or Chemistry.
Your standards seem pretty stringent, I only want a 30/35/40/45. Will I have too much pressure?
Whether it be a 30, 35, 40 or 45, you will not be pressurised despite the stringent standards of Harley Zhong’s Tutoring Program. Harley Zhong’s feedback and expectations are tailored to your individual goals. There have been students under Harley Zhong’s tutelage aiming for 35, low 40s, and 45+, and they have achieved their goals accordingly.
Why pay in instalments (10-week period)?
I’d rather spend time marking your essays/ACs thoroughly than checking for transfer updates, chasing students for late payment every single week.
What makes Harley's tutoring different?
There are many tutors out there charging ridiculously cheap prices: $25, $20 and even $15 per hour! Why pay more for Harley Zhong’s VCE English Language program? The answer is simple; you pay for his unparalleled dedication, erudition and skills which can be replicated by anyone… many students have followed your footsteps, under my tutelage, scoring 45+, 48+ or just a 40 for those with humbler ambitions. Teaching VCE English Language is no easy job; no essays/ACs deserve to be ticked all throughout; no elaborations deserve to be left unattended. Unlike maths and science subjects where everything is black and white, English Language is far more complicated. As a teacher, I cannot simply dismiss an essay without spending hours going over your logic, your argument, your structure, your examples and even your writing style. As a student, do you prefer genuine feedback which can truly help you improve on the SAC/exam, or perfunctory remarks and red ticks all over your essay/AC? I’m sure what you would pick for your most important year of schooling. And I’m sure you hope that your tutor could provide quality feedback, even on the night/morning before your SAC, to your last minute, crammed, procrastinated essay/AC. After hours and hours of example-searching, essay-writing, over-editing, you deserve more. Under my tutelage, it’s simple; though paying slightly higher, and you get much more.

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