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2023 VCE Results Report – Letter to Students & Parents of 2024

(5 mins read) Read my Letter to Students & Parents of the 2024 Excel Education cohort on exam release day in 2023.

Dear Students, Parents

Today’s the big day! Many of you have only just embarked on your VCE journey and received your results for one or more subjects today. I hope you all did exceptionally well in your Units ¾ endeavours this year!

I would like to draw your attention to the spectacular results from my 2023 VCE cohort for both English Language and Chemistry this year.

The results achieved by my students this year are unparalleled across the entire state. To characterise such results as simply amazing, terrific or brilliant, would be a gross understatement, an understatement both to the gargantuan level of difficulty my students faced, and the year-on-year academic excellence at VCE Excel Education.

Most notably this year, as a continuation of our academic excellence, three of my students achieved Raw 50 in VCE English Language.

They are: Sharissa Pak from MacRob, Mark Liu from Melbourne High and Tom Gallagher from Scotch College.

That means almost half of the Raw 50 students across the entire state are under my belt! No other institution has produced such results in the history of this subject. Years ago, students would enrol in my program having heard of my own academic excellence – multiple Raw 50s across the board (English Language, Chemistry, Maths Methods… just to name a few) But today, I’m glad that the very techniques that brought me to the pinnacle of VCE English Language (Full marks 15/15 AC and Essay, highest Exam score ever) have reproduced similar success in generations of my students, year after year. The results of my students today should reassure you that you are in the very best hands, perhaps the best the subject has to offer, and that the glories of my past students may translate to your very own in 2024!

Setting aside the top scores, to this moment, we have around 90% of students scoring above Raw 40 in VCE English Language and around 86% of students scoring above Raw 40 in VCE Chemistry. These numbers are still counting as some students have not yet reported their study scores to me. I expect the final figures to not deviate far from the above.

These results show that regardless of the study score you would like to achieve, be it Raw 40 or Raw 50, you will be able to achieve what you deserve at VCE Excel Education, should you work as hard and as smart, if not more than my students this year, unwavering and unyielding to any falls, any distractions or any misadventures along the way (will share to you all the challenges that my top students faced in class).

More results and testimonials from my students on the way!

I hope to announce your names in my Results Report to my 2025 VCE Cohort at the end of next year.

Happy holidays and see you all in class!

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